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The Effects of Movies on Emotions

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Bradley DiTeresi of Olathe, Kansas, is a financial professional and devout Catholic who sponsors a child in the Philippines through Unbound, a sponsorship nonprofit formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. In his free time, Bradley DiTeresi enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and watching movies. The effect of movies on viewers goes beyond entertainment. They can also invoke a range of emotional responses.

Watching movies offer a means of escaping reality and releasing tension during difficult times. As such, they can help people cope with stress, agitation, and anxiety. For example, some studies suggest that comedies can lower blood pressure and hormone levels.

Movies can also motivate people to consider self-improvement. Many films incorporate a message or moral lesson, and specific events or lines spoken by the protagonists can stir up emotions that encourage people to make positive changes. This might involve persuading someone to forgive another, reconcile with a friend, or join a volunteer cause.

Moreover, movie dates can trigger emotions associated with romance. Many people link their first date or first kiss with going to the movies.