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Unbound Encouraged Letters between Sponsors and Sponsored Friends


A Kansas City-based professional, Bradley DeTeresi balances his career with involvement in several charitable organizations. In addition to supporting the Alzheimer’s Association and the Lupus Foundation of America, Bradley DeTeresi sponsors several children through Unbound.

Formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound encourages donors to maintain contact with their sponsored children through written correspondence and eLetters. Sponsors receive at least two letters from their sponsored friends each year, and they are invited to share their own lives with these children. Unbound offers pre-printed labels that make writing letters convenient, or sponsors can compose eLetters that are electronically submitted, then printed and delivered.

Sponsors can inquire about school or hobbies, express encouragement, or share information about their own families and backgrounds. In 2018 alone, Unbound distributed more than 1.3 million letters from sponsored friends to their sponsors worldwide. While packages are prohibited due to the potential for loss or damage, sponsors and sponsored friends can include photos with their letters.

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