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Unbound Earns 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

Bradley DiTeresi

· Charity Navigator

Finance and real estate professional Bradley DiTeresi is a practicing Catholic driven by a passion to help and serve others. Through the charitable organization Unbound, Bradley DiTeresi sponsors a child in the Philippines and Kenya.

Unbound is a Kansas City-based global organization dedicated to fighting poverty. Unbound partners with Africa, Asia, and Latin American and devotes 92.6 percent of its spending in program support. Because of its strong financial health and commitment to accountability, Unbound received a 4-star rating for the sixth consecutive time from Charity Navigator, a reputable charity evaluator.

During the evaluation, Charity Navigator considered Unbound’s 2019 financial performance metrics, including fundraising, fundraising efficiency, program expenditures, and administrative costs. Performance financial metrics and accountability are two of the 17 practice standards that Charity Navigator evaluates.

The 4-Star rating sets Unbound above other similar organizations. It demonstrates the public’s level of trust in Unbound’s administration. Additionally, only 11 percent of charities evaluated have received the 4-star rating at least 6 consecutive times, which makes the recognition extra special.

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