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Top Prospect Jalen Wilson Commits to the KU Jayhawks

Bradley DiTeresi is a Kansas City entrepreneur who balances a successful real estate career with a strong focus on faith. An avid collegiate sports fan, Bradley DiTeresi supports the Kansas University Jayhawks, a basketball team that has maintained a dominant presence in the Big12 for many years.

As reported in the Kansas City Star, highly regarded forward Jalen Wilson recently committed to join KU and participated in a practice and workout session. Standing 6’ 8”, the freshman from Denton, Texas, is described as providing a winning combination of toughness and size, as well as possessing sharp shooting skills.

Looking forward to melding his love of scoring with KUs feared run-and-gun offense, Wilson describes himself as having “found my home for the next year.” This statement reflects a situation where the highly touted athlete may not be in Lawrence for a four-year college career, as he seems likely to be drafted into the NBA if he proves his mettle on the college court as expected.

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