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The Transparent Financial Management of Unbound

Bradley DiTeresi

A seasoned financial services provider, Bradley DiTeresi has worked for Kornitzer Capital Management in Mission, Kansas, for the past eight years. Outside of the professional arena, Bradley DiTeresi donates to multiple charitable nonprofits and sponsors a child in the Philippines through Unbound.

Formerly operating as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, Unbound works with communities of diverse religious traditions in 18 countries in order to combat poverty and encourage self-sufficiency. One of the hallmarks of Unbound’s mission is total financial transparency.
This dedication to full transparency along with a focus on practical results has earned Unbound high ratings from leading charity watchdog organizations. Unbound currently devotes over 93 cents of every dollar that it receives to directly support initiatives in the field. This means that only 6.9 percent of incoming Unbound donations go to administrative expenses and/or fundraising efforts.
As a result of its cost-cutting efforts, Unbound was able to provide over $100 million in direct project assistance during the 2018 fiscal year. At present, Unbound maintains one of the highest direct assistance rates in the philanthropic sector.

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