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John Paul I Vatican Foundation Recognizes the “Smiling Pope”

Bradley DiTeresi

· Smiling Pope

Bradley DiTeresi is a Kansas City professional who has a background in real estate development. A strong Catholic adherent, Bradley DiTeresi maintains a habit of reading works by Doctors of the Church, including St. John of the Cross and St. Augustine. He also has an interest in the teachings of the current leader of Catholicism, Pope Francis.

As reported by the Catholic News Service, Pope Francis recently gave his approval to an initiative that will establish the John Paul I Vatican Foundation. This organization will collect the writings of the “the smiling pope,” a native of Veneto in northern Italy, who ascended to the papacy in 1978 and passed away after only 33 days as pontiff.

Despite the brevity of his pontificate, John Paul I was known for setting an example of humble spirituality. Having been born in an impoverished mountain village, he was described by Cardinal Pietro Parolin as “a pastor near to his people,” with a focus on the “essentials of faith.” He was also known for promoting interreligious dialogue and principles of peace and unity, while exhorting a renewed missionary spirit.
Recognizing a kindred spirit, Pope Francis in 2017 publicly stated that Pope John Paul had embodied a heroic way of expressing Christian virtues. This has furthered his progression toward recognition as a saint.

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