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The Rat Terrier - An Energetic and Loving Dog Breed

Bradley DiTeresi

A Missouri-based investment professional, Bradley DiTeresi possesses a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas and a master of business administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In his free time, Bradley DiTeresi enjoys reading, playing guitar, and caring for his dog, a rat terrier mix.

The rat terrier is an energetic and friendly dog that was first bred in America in the 19th century using fox terriers and other European terrier breeds. Skilled at hunting rodents and other vermin, the rat terrier was originally bred for use on the farm, but the dog’s loving and protective nature also makes it an excellent family pet.
As a pet, the rat terrier requires training, socialization, and regular exercise. While their intelligence and eagerness to please make them relatively easy to train, rat terriers can be stubborn, so they often behave best under the care of a firm and experienced dog owner. Potential owners should also be aware of the rat terrier’s quickness and love of digging, which some will use to escape from yards and other enclosures.
Along with its stubbornness and skill as an escape artist, the rat terrier possesses all the traits needed to be a great canine companion. The breed is very loyal and affectionate and makes a great addition to families looking for an energetic pet that is anything but boring.

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