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St. Augustine’s Conversion to Orthodox Catholicism

Bradley DiTeresi

Bradley DiTeresi is active in the Catholic faith and takes part in numerous church activities, including sponsoring the education of children abroad. An avid reader, Bradley DiTeresi particularly enjoys the works of St. Francis de Sales, Catherine of Siena, and St. Augustine.

A Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, Augustine lived from 354 AD to 430 AD and emerged as an influential Christian Neoplatonist who successfully merged the scriptural Judeo-Christian traditions with the philosophies of ancient Greece. Defining the emergent medieval philosophy, he brought focus to illumination and knowledge, while emphasizing the singular importance of the will.
St. Augustine’s Confessions are his defining work and are considered the first “spiritual biography.” As a centerpiece is the complex “internal struggle of the will” Augustine faced before adhering to a more orthodox version of Christianity.
Augustine’s conversion process was completed through an intensive reading of I Corinthians 7:27-35. He recounts how a disdain for biblical texts, because of “rhetorical inelegance,” transformed through the framework of belief to one of deep appreciation for their inner depth.

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