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Alzheimer's Association Praises Action to Help Caregivers

Bradley DiTeresi

An accomplished financial professional, Bradley DiTeresi serves as a partner in real estate development group Casas Hof Constructora e Inmobiliaria, which builds condominium complexes in Peru. Outside his career, Bradley DiTeresi supports nonprofit organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association.

Earlier this year, the Alzheimer’s Association applauded the passage and signing of the Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Act. The law provides a national framework to help meet the needs of caregivers taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease through education, financial support, and assistance.
Alzheimer’s Association Chief Public Policy Officer Robert Egge praised the move, saying the new law will benefit more than 15 million citizens who care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s, without pay and sometimes with little support. He said the new national framework will not only improve the lives of caregivers, it will ensure better care for those suffering from the disease.

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